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Mucking about with vectors.  And photoshop filters, because I am a child.  Formal wedding portrait. 

AU concept for a ‘verse (kinkmeme, of course) where Meredith’s paranoia targeted elves instead of being as harsh on mages.  (Pity the elven mages in particular.)  Elves are veritably enslaved in Kirkwall though not through the same culturally enforced methodology as Tevinter, while Anders is a well-adjusted Libertarian hired to serve as Lord Hawke’s household physician. Fenris is Hawke’s mercenary BFF, rapidly targeted in Kirkwall, accused of a mass murder, and needing an out that isn’t slavery.  Becoming part of Hawke’s household through marrying one of his sworn men is a palatable option. 

I’ll never get around to writing it; the big reveal was going to be Anders’ abomination status three years into relatively happy if culture-shocky marriage as Fenris comes to terms with “but he’s a mage!”.  The reveal was Anders giving a casual, “oh, but I thought you knew?” and Fenris falls apart.  Emotional breakdown, lots of Sebastian, clinging to outside friends, narrowly avoiding hurt-sex, avoiding each other for another three years. They get together again just before Merrill, having followed her own path of instability and working with an underground Orsino, rouses and brings down the Chantry.

The outfits are referenced from one of Alex McQueen’s collections, buggered if I can find the post now.  :/

(Wow but the colours are completely different in photoshop/illustrator than in tumblr view. But I exported as jpeg…)

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